Finishing Geography 355! Fall 2018!.

Due Wednesday, December 12 @ noon or sooner or else:

1) Digital Portfolio: Please create a posting on your course blog that includes the following; email me when it is complete, with a link to the posting. a) Links to blog postings of your notes/comments on class readings.  Please arrange these by week, date, and indicate the author, book, chapter, etc.  Please create a link so I can click on the week, date etc. and go directly to your notes/comments.  If you are missing notes/comments fix it or indicate that you have no notes for the reading.  Example link and posting:


2) Individual Assessment / Personal Evaluation: Word .doc or Open Office or .pdf file. Summarize your experience with the three parts of the course we did complete:

  • The more general, theoretical readings
  • The tutorial and Delaware Data inventory
  • The mid-term exam

Consider if this process (from theory to practice!) worked for you or not, and explain why. Discuss the impact of the mid-term exam: do you feel that this advanced your understanding of ArcGIS and how to use it? Or not? Or somewhere in between? What was the best and worst part of the midterm exercises? Any comments on your progress or lack there-of in mastering GIS (or starting to master it) can be included. You can also suggest a grade you deserve given what you did in the course.



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