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Finishing Geography 355! Spring 2014!

In class presentation of project on the last day – Wednesday April 30!

Due Tuesday May 8 @ noon or sooner or else:

1) Project Report: Submit a project report in Word or Open Office format (not PDF). Examples of previous reports with formatting ideas) are in the  this posting on the blog. Keep it succinct but include key details, sources, data and maps. Please include scans or digital copies of any publicity you received (student paper, online news) with details of the source. 2) Create a draft copy of your project map (if appropriate): These need not be publication quality, just a draft. Make sure I get or know where digital copies are (see 3 below). 3) Clean up your ArcGIS files, data files etc. and let me know which computer the files are on and under what name.


4) Digial Portfolio: Please create a posting on your course blog that includes the following; email me when it is complete, with a link to the posting. a) Links to blog postings of your notes/comments on class readings.  Please arrange these by week, date, and indicate author, book, chapter, etc.  Please create a link so I can click on the week, date etc. and go directly to your notes/comments.  If you are missing notes/comments fix it or indicate that you have no notes for the reading.  Example link and posting:

b) Link to blog postings related to your presentation of readings.  You all did this once, typically as part of a group.  Format as above in (1). Indicate whom you presented with. c) Link to your Delaware Data Inventory metadata assignment blog posting. d) Link to your project blog, any substantive project blog postings, timelines, research, etc.



5) Individual Assessment / Personal Evaluation: Word .doc or Open Office or .pdf file. Summarize what you did this semester, what stood out as good and not so good, what you feel you learned, your experiences with the project, and how your work related to your group (“I did more than everyone else” “I was a forker and didn’t do as much as others”) if you worked with others. Please comment on the readings, and, in the end, if you feel like the structure of the course worked, with comments on what was good about it and suggestions about what could be improved next time the course is taught. Finally, suggest a letter grade you think you deserve and explain why, keeping in mind your attendance, participation, and work in comparison to your classmates. I reserve the right to adjust student suggested grades up or down or sideways (in rare cases).




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