Delaware Data Inventory

Now this will be TOTALLY FUN.

On each of your computers, on the C: drive, is a folder called Data – Delaware Data. You will use these data layers (for the entire county) for the mid-term evaluation and course project.

I’m old and can’t recall if I copied some of the newer Delaware Co. data from one of the external drives to the C: drive on lab computers. Take a look and see if the data is updated on your computer. If not, here are instructions:

Please copy the new Delaware Co. data from the G: drive (arcturus). You can see this drive in the Windows Explorer, in the list of drives under Computer (along with the C: drive).

  • On the G: drive open the folder GIS Lab Data
  • In that fine folder, right-mouse-click on Delaware Co GIS Data 2018, then copy.
  • Go to the C: drive on the computer you are using in the GIS lab, then to GIS Lab Data, then right-mouse-click then paste. This may take a few momentitos.
  • Open up ArcMap then add a layer: navigate to the 2018 data and bob’s your uncle.
  • The folder on the G: drive also contains the newest imagery for the County: Delaware Co Imagery 2018. You can view this imagery by opening ArcMap first, then add a layer, then navigate to the G: drive and imagery. Do this rather than copy the imagery to the C: drive (it takes up lots of space).



In order to familiarize yourselves with the data, please do the following by the end of fall break (Sunday, October 14)

  • Make a new blog entry and title it Delaware County Data Review.
  • In the blog entry, indicate the name of each Delaware map layer. Write a sentence describing each map layer in the blog entry.  If there are multiple map layers in a folder, document each.  Again, the point is to familiarize yourself with the Delaware GIS data for the mid-term and your project.
  • If you are confused by a data set, indicate that in your comments.  If the data set is not described, search the web and see if you can figure out what it is.

To view the map layers:

  • Start ArcMap and create a new ArcMap project.  Save it as deldata.mxd in your folder in the Geog 355 folder
  • Hit the + button to add map layers to the project
  • Navigate to the Delaware Data folder and open the first folder. You may have to link to the folder.  Add the available shape (.shp) files (map layer with attributes).  In most cases, but not all, there is only one .shp file in each folder. Take a look at the map and its table of data (attributes).
Note: the two folders of orthophotos contain very large image files.  Please, in your blog entry, document what an orthophoto is.
  • In some cases, you can easily figure out what the data is – hydro, for example (rivers, etc.).  In other cases you will have to refer to the metadata (data about data): Right mouse click on the layer in ArcGIS, then select Data, then select View Item Description to get the description of the data in the layer.

Talk to me if you are having any problems! Also if you have mystery GIS layers! I can has halp!

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