Geography 355: GIS Course Schedule

Spring 2014

Updated 1/14/14

I. Course Projects, GIS Analysis, and Learning ArcGIS

Week 1

M J 13: Introduction to Course, Course Projects and Course Blogs

Assign: Create personal course blog (in class) and email me your blog URL by wednesda (J 15) by noon. Read Schuurman ch. 1 (PDF) (create blog posting of notes, comments, questions on this reading), Google “GIS Application” & research one GIS application area of personal interest (create second blog posting with at least one map or image and 3-5 sources). Create a 3rd blog posting, a personal introduction. Review the links  under “Exhibit B” about halfway down the blog posting for our M J 13 meeting (here) and also projects for Spring 2014.

W J 15: GIS and GIS Applications I

Discuss: Schuurman ch. 1 (Krygier presentation)
Present: Introduction (blob post) & GIS Applications you found (blob post).
Assign:  Read de Smith et al. “Introduction & Terminology” and “Conceptual Frameworks for Spatial Analysis” from Geospatial Analysis – A Comprehensive Guide (4th edition, web version). Create a new blog entry with comments, notes and questions on these readings. Update your blog posting reviewing  the “Exhibit B” links and add your thoughts about projects for Spring 2014 (on Project tab above; what do you want to work on?)

Week 2

M J 20: No Class Meeting (MLK Day)

W J 22: GIS and GIS Applications II

Discuss: de Smith et al. “Introduction & Terminology” and “Conceptual Frameworks for Spatial Analysis.” Discuss and brainstorm ideas for course projects + working groups.
Assign: Mitchell ch. 1 (PDF) & refining ideas for the course project (including working groups, division of labor, etc.)

Week 3

M J 27: GIS and GIS Applications III

Finish brief introductions, applications, searches
Review Mitchell chapter 1
Discuss: Mitchell ch. 1 & project ideas

W J 29: Reading Presentations & Class Project Ideas

1. Determine groups for reading presentations:

Presenters: 20 minute overview of key GIS topics, concepts, applications in the readings

  • blog outline + relevant links, examples, illustrations
  • how readings may bear on potential projects

Non-presenters: blog summary and key issues from readings with links, questions, ideas concerning relevance to course project

  • three GIS concepts from readings / issues you think most relevant
2. Brainstorming Class Projects

Assign: Mitchell ch. 2 (presenters TBA) & 3 (presenters TBA)

Week 4

M F 3: GIS Analysis: Student Reading Presentations I & Course Project Developments

Discuss: Mitchell ch. 2 & 3 & Course Projects
Assign: Read and blog on “Putting People in the Map” as per class discussion
Assign: Begin to sort students into groups for projects
 Mitchell ch. 4 (presenters TBA) & 5 (presenters TBA)

W F 5: GIS Analysis: Student Reading Presentations II & Course Project Interests / Groups

Discuss: Mitchell ch. 4 & 5 & Course Projects
Assign: New Class Project Blogs w/overview of project, links, images.
Assign: Mitchell ch. 6 (presenters TBA) & 7 (presenters TBA)

Week 5

M F 10: Co-Meeting with Bio 344 Plant Communities and Ecosystems Course

Discuss: TBA
Discuss: Collaborative Course Projects

W F 12: GIS Analysis: Student Reading Presentations III & Course Projects

Discuss: Mitchell ch. 6 & 7 & Course Projects
Do: Weather permitting, get out and scout potential “action sites” for project
Assign: Getting to Know ArcGIS ch. 1 & 2 (presenters TBA)
Assign: Course project proposals due W F 26

Week 6

M F 7: Getting to Know ArcGIS: Tutorial Introduction

Read & Blog: Getting to Know ArcGIS ch. 1, 2 & make sure tutorial data is on computer & get going on tutorial.
Discuss: course projects

W F 19: Presentation & Discussion of Course Proposal Ideas; Getting to Know ArcGIS: Tutorial

Assign: Delaware Data Inventory
Assign: Midterm Exam

Complete & Blog: Tutorial ch. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Week 7

M F 24: Getting to Know ArcGIS: Tutorial (work in class)

Complete & Blog: Tutorial ch. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

W F 26: Getting to Know ArcGIS: Tutorial (work in class)

Complete & Blog: Tutorial ch. 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
 Delaware Data Inventory
Due: course project proposals on blog

Week 8

M M 3: Help with and work on Mid-semester Evaluation

W M 5: Help with and work on Mid-semester Evaluation

Due (at 5 pm): Mid-semester Evaluation

Week 9

M M 10: Spring Break

W M 12: Spring Break

II. Project Development: Details TBA

Week 10: Monday March 17 and Wednesday March 19: Finalizing Project Plans

Week 11: Monday March 24 and Wednesday March 26

Week 12: Monday March 31 and Wednesday April 2

Due Wednesday April 2: Detailed project time-line (on blog) including details (research, data, analysis, events)

Week 13: Monday April 7 and Wednesday April 9

Week 14: Monday April 14 and Wednesday April 16

Week 15: Monday April 21 and Wednesday April 23

Week 16: Monday April 28 and Wednesday April 30: Project Presentations (20 minutes each)

Due Tuesday May 6: Project Report (PDF with images, graphs, data, similar to Geography 360 Projects, fall 2008) and project product (if a specific product – map, event, proposal to the University – is the outcome of the project)

Due Tuesday May 6 @ 12:43pm: Digital Portfolio (blog posting with links summarizing all of your work for the semester) and Personal Evaluation (PDF or Word Doc emailed to instructor).


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