Week 7 Updates: Delaware Data & Midterm!

February 26, 2018

Delaware Data Inventory (due Friday, March 9)
Midterm Evaluation (due Wednesday, March 21)


Delaware GIS Data Exercise

February 18, 2014


Each student will create an ArcMap map with the following Delaware GIS data layers & describe (sentence or two) all data layers except those marked ‘ignore.’ (the ignore folders have data that is not relevant, or newer versions of the data are in other folders)

In essence, you are creating a very brief set of metadata (data about data) for all the available layers of information. There may be several shape files (.shp) in these folders, make sure to review all of them.

Keep your brain engaged: how might some of these layers be used in your course projects?

Put your metadata information in a blog posting.

You will use some of this data for your take-home mid term exam.

DUE: Wednesday February 26.

Delaware GIS Data Metadata is here.

If any data folders are missing please talk to your instructor.

Delaware GIS Data Layers:

Delaware_2008 and 2010 Ponds and Lakes





Delaware_Building Outlines

Delaware_ Census_Biock

Delaware_ Census_BiockGroup

Delaware_ Census_ Tract

Delaware_Economic Development Layers











Delaware_Master Point Coverage


Delaware_Natural_Heritage_ ODNR

Delaware_ Orthophoto _Detailed_2010



Delaware_Places of Interest


Delaware_Public Land Survey System







Delaware_ TaxDist

Delaware_ Topography

Delaware_ Townships

Delaware_ Townships_Historical

Delaware_ Watersheds_ ODNR

Delaware_ Wetlands

Delaware_ Woodland_ ODNR



Ohio Wesleyan Parcels


Wed. Feb. 16: ArcGIS Tutorial + Project Progress

February 16, 2011

ArcGIS Tutorial

  • Introduction to the Tutorial (updated for ArcGIS 9.3)
  • Make sure, before you leave, that you understand how to do the tutorial.
  • Access to Sci Ctr and Room.
  • Copy the tutorial files into a new folder (with your name) in the Geog 355 folder on your computer.
  • Blog chapter by chapter notes/comments (brief) with any questions, problems, key functions learned.

Green Mapping Projects

  • Progress: Car, bike, and walking routes on campus (home to class) for physiological measures; contact for Olentangy River Project (Erin Miller, Green Coordinator, City of Columbus; old project: proposed Olentangy River Trail map), OWU air travel (?).
  • The Green Trail Proposal (PDF): use as a model (adjust to your project).
  • Create new mock-ups on paper: update the sketches (back table in GIS lab): use paper, Delaware Maps
  • Presentation of proposal (and due as PDF) on project blog Monday (Feb 21)
  • Mark Cooper visit next week (M or W?)

OrthoPhoto Fix

March 3, 2008

A quick fix should make the orthophotos (air images) align properly with the rest of the Delaware GIS data:

The problem is that the units of measurement for the orthophotos is in meters, and the units of measurement for the other Delaware GIS data is feet. So change the units of the orthophoto files to feet and the problem should go away:

1. open ArcMap and create a new empty project

2. add the road centerlines: Delaware Data/Delaware Roads folder

3. from the Tools menu select ArcCatalog

4. select the Delaware Data folder in the left window in ArcCatalog

5. double click on the OrthophotoAp2006 folder in the right window in ArcCatalog

6. click once on Delaware_2006_Half-ft_North.sid in the right window in ArcCatalog

7. from the File menu select Properties…

8. a window will pop up: Raster Dataset Properties

9. scroll down to Spatial Reference and click on the Edit button

10. click the Modify button on the window that opens

11. in the Linear Unit box select Foot. Hit OK, then OK, then OK to get back to ArcCatalog.

12. repeat with the Delaware_2006_Half-ft_North.sid file (repeat steps 6 to 11).

Add the orthophoto to the ArcMap file with the road center line. The orthophoto should align properly.

I will put a lower resolution orthophoto on the computers, as the two high res files (north and south) take a long time to open on our older, white computers. When that is complete, you will have to go through the same process as above to change the units from meters to feet. I will let you know when that happens.