Project Time!

March 16, 2011

Finish your projects!

1) Please discuss strategy with me before “bothering” real people (anyone other than faculty). Always prepare yourself by doing some research ahead of time, so you don’t sound like a lizard.

2) Think about collecting information that is appropriate for your final product: a 11×17 map. You don’t need tons of information, but you do need information that is clear, coherent, and substantial and that will resonate with our audience. Talk to me to get ideas about information/data that is appropriate for your project.

3) Discuss what you are planning to do before you start creating maps or entering data in ArcGIS. This so you don’t spend a huge amount of time doing GIS work in a non-optimal manner.

4) Think about your project in terms of the sketches we created for each project. Create new sketches, layouts, etc. with my input and feedback: this will help you think about appropriate data and maps (2 and 3 above).

5) The course for the rest of the semester is unstructured. Class time is a time you can find me and you can get together with your group members. If you are not in class, I am assuming you are working outside of class on the project. Do not let the flexible nature of the class lure you into procrastination.

6) You need to have your projects complete (data collected, mapped) by Monday April 25 for a presentation of results. A course evaluation will be assigned (you assessing your work in the class, and the class) and due finals week (this should not be a huge undertaking).

For our next meeting: Monday March 21: be prepared with a specific schedule to complete your project, if you have not already done so. Pay attention to practical details: scheduling fieldwork, any equipment you may need, contacts, etc.

Get going!