Green Map Projects Updates

Today: Mitchell chapters 2, 3 & 4 + Projects Update

Projects: I asked each group to make a significant effort towards a project proposal for the group on the new project blogs. Each group should be prepared to update the class on their progress towards this goal today. Specify and plan expeditions, trips, field work, etc. Specify costs.

Goal: prepare for a visit by Mark Cooper and other Communications & Marketing office people next week; prepare for project proposal.

Additional issues:

Project Progress:

Main Green Map: review categories: is everything covered?

OWU Green / Curricular Trail

Olentangy River

  • Planning expedition + equipment + costs

Earthly Delights Around OWU

Eating OWU

OWU Gak Map: What is your Body exposed to at OWU?

Topics for Global OWU Map: big categories of our impact at global scale with examples

  • transportation: ex) OWU air travel data + carbon impact
  • food: ex) bananas, Costa Rica, rainforests
  • waste: ex) track e-waste from campus?
  • ???

OWU Transportation

  • Bobby St. Clair: survey (to be sent to students) + GPS tracking + Faculty/Staff commute
  • Physiological / Health (shift to other side of the Gak Map?)

OWU Green Map Online: Java Mapping (need blog)


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