W F 3 Reading Presentations II + Green Map Project

Crayola Color Chart, 1903-2010


Monday February 8: Blank Dominoes: Mitchell ch. 2, 3, and 4

Wednesday February 10: Wooden Legos: Mitchell ch. 5, 6, and 7

Monday February 15: Percolator Tops: Apply all of readings to Green Map project


Today: Sprinkler Heads: cover Schuurman ch. 4 & 5 (Krygier notes on these chapters here)

Today: Green Map Progress

  • Project format: series of maps/projects that fit together as poster, but also stand alone
  • Audience: new and potential students; existing students, OWU faculty & staff, community members, kids, etc.
  • Related projects: green “cards” w/info and activities
  • Center map: a typical Green Map – lots of locations of stuff – one group
  • Other maps: atypical Green Maps – other groups + other classes / independent studies
  • focus on action, education,
  • Updates on project progress: focusing topics, work groups, problems

Key topic areas (not exhaustive!)

Traditional Green Map

  • businesses, activities, etc.
  • important: assessment procedures for inclusion



  • news: Passenger Trains: Passenger Trains for Delaware, OH
  • data: driving on and around campus
  • walkability analysis and mapping
  • calories burnt walking, biking, vs driving
  • alternatives: biking, walking, DATA, etc.


  • where students are data: important for multiple projects

Garbage / Recycling

  • analysis of garbage data; recycling data
  • map garbage generated over areas of campus
  • activities, events related to waste reduction
  • rainwater harvesting potential

Animal and Plant “infrastructure” & ecosystems

  • Campus & Delaware ecosystem maps for exploring & learning: mapping ecosystems; birds, possibly other animals/plants
  • mini green trips & activities and how to get there (Geog 360)

Energy use on and around Campus

  • building energy data: B & G records
  • focus energy saving efforts (knowing where students are & energy data)
  • heat escape imagery?


  • air pollution, Health Center and county health information


GreenOWU Blog: Information from 2009-2010 work on Green projects on and around campus. Include in comprehensive plan for OWU & Delaware Green Map (print, web).

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