M F 1: Reading Catchup + GIS Analysis: Reading Presentations I + Project Updates

From Geological Investigation of the Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River, Fisk, 1944.


Lets do a bit of catch-up today on the readings we have done so far this semester.

1. Krygier covers M J 14: GIS & GIS Applications I: Schuurman ch 1

2. Krygier covers W J 20: Geospatial Analysis text: Intro + Conceptual Frameworks

3. Krygier covers M J 25: The Geographic Analysis Process: Mitchell ch. 1

4. Salt&Peppa Shaker Tops cover Schuurman ch. 2 & 3 (Krygier notes on these chapters here)

5. Monday February 15: Percolator Tops: Apply all of readings to Green Map project

6. Green Map Progress

  • Project format: series of maps/projects that fit together as poster, but also stand alone
  • Center map: a typical Green Map – lots of locations of stuff – one group
  • Other maps: atypical Green Maps – other groups + other classes / independent studies
  • Brief report from groups on progress. More updates (on blogs) by Wednesday
  • Updates from people who skipped last class meeting

Local Green Information

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