Mapping Environmental Justice in Delaware County Pennsylvania

Mapping Environmental Justice in Delaware County Pennsylvania

  • Use as a model for a similar project in Delaware County Ohio
  • What is missing?  Not applicable?
  • Changes in emphasis and organization
  • Personal interests of students in the class in regards to the different topics



A note about the mapping process
Figure 1: Municipalities

Introduction: Environmental Justice

From Here to There: Transportation and Industrial History
Figure 2:  Transportation

Natural Setting: Green Spaces and Waterways
Figure 3:  Land Cover

Demographic Distributions: Income, Race, Education, Unemployment and Age
Figure 4:  Income
Figure 5:  Race
Figure 6:  Unemployment
Figure 7:  Education
Figure 8:  Age

Pollution Flow: Air and Water
Figure 9:  Air and Water Pollution

Current Waste Disposal Sites: Landfills and Incinerators
Figure 10:  Waste

Abandoned Waste: Superfund Sites and Inactive Landfills
Figure 11:   Abandoned Waste

Hot Spots: Top 15 polluters in the County
Figure 12:  Top Fifteen Polluters

Conclusion: What does this mean for Delaware County?

Appendix 1: Glossary
Appendix 2: Environmental Organizations in Delaware County

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