Mapping Environmental Justice in Delaware County OH

A draft of an outline for our course project is below. We may expand some of the sections, and may not get to some, but I think this is a good start.

Please review, comment (here, or to me), and think about which sections you would like to work on. I assume most of us will work in groups (they need not be the same one’s we had earlier).

Mapping Environmental Justice in Delaware County, OH

Table of Contents
Location in Ohio

map: Ohio, US maps w/Delaware County

Municipalities in Delaware County OH


Data Sources and Mapping Process, coordinates, projection, scale
Transparency Overlays: how to use
Introduction: Environmental Justice

What is it?
What we mean by it

The Environment

map: land cover (forest, open, water) + hydro
map: green spaces

Demographic Distributions: data, classification (Hoffer, Steffen)

table: comparison of Delaware Co. to Ohio stats
map: population density
map: income
map: race
map: unemployment
map: education
map: age
map: poverty
map: crime (?)

Property Parcel Information (Brockfield, Decker)

map: age of structure & lead paint possibility
map: residential housing values
map: owner occupied vs rent/lease

Delaware as a Global Locality (Bucceri, Janney, Woods)

map: source of energy (plants elsewhere pollute, benefits Delaware Co)
map: local energy sources (solar, wind)
map: garbage export?
map: source of food: 5 common grocery items w/problematic sources (global)

Agriculture (Fowler, Salk)

map: current agricultural areas
map: mega-farms and other intensive agriculture
map: pesticides & fertilizers
map: poison lawns & yard waste
map: organic and sustainable agriculture

Transportation and Industry (Wilkens, Wagner and Rosendaul)

map: historical railroads and industrial sites in county
map: current road & railroads in county
map: current industrial sites in county
map: brownfields
map: green business
map: non-carbon transportation options

Pollution and Toxins (Martin, McLaughlin, Pinault)

map: air emissions (w/quantities?) + emission types (table?)
map: air quality problems
map: water emissions (w/quantities?) + emission types (table?)
map: water quality problems (well, surface waters)
map: water sources & wastewater (sewage) disposal
map: poison lawns

Waste Disposal (Brockfield, Decker)

map: waste sites (hazardous, municipal waste, industrial waste)
map: waste types
map: abandoned waste sites

Top Polluters (Martin, McLaughlin, Pinault)

map: location (w/quantities?) + emission types (table?)

Recycling (Bucceri, Janney, Woods)

map: recycling options and locations
map: top sources of recyclable waste (SWACO)

Environmental Justice Overlays

maps: transparencies
comparison of Delaware Co. environmental justice situation to selected other
places in the world.
suggested correlations w/discussion (correlation vs causation)


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