Mid-term Exam + Data

Hi happy people,

Your mid-term take-home exam is here, as a PDF:

Geog 355 Mid-Term Exam (PDF file)

Also, you need the following file to complete the last question on the exam. It is a DBF file; just save to your personal folder and don’t open it (until you do the question). Opening it with Excel or some other software might mess it up. But you can always grab another copy here.

Geog 355 Mid-Term Data (DBF file)

This file is also on a CD called “flap-jack” in the top right map drawer in the back of the GIS lab.

GIS Lab Access over Spring Break: I have submitted your names so that you should have access to the Science Center over spring break. If there is a problem, contact Jeanne Borden at 2222.

Remember, GIS loves you!

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