Blog Post Check

Please check that you have blog entries related to the following readings and assignments for Geography 355 complete this week.

Reading presentations: post a blog entry with your notes for the presentation. Indicate that you presented the material. If the material is on someone else’s blog, include a blog entry with a link on your blog.

1) Schuurman ch 1 & “Geography Matters” handout
2) Three GIS applications w/descriptions & links
3) Longley ch 1 & 2
4) Mitchell ch 1
5) Schuurman ch 2 & 3
6) Schuurman ch 4 & 5
7) Summary and overview of research on course project focus topic

Today (Feb 4)

8 ) Mitchell ch 2, 3, & 4

Wednesday (Feb 6)

9) Mitchell 5, 6 & 7
10) What is Environmental Justice? 500 words including 5 sources;
In particular relate to our model (Delaware PA) and course
project (and the specific topics you are researching).

Monday (Feb 18) to Monday (March 3):

Please complete a brief blog entry for each chunk of the tutorial as indicated on the course schedule.  Let me know you completed the tutorial, any problems you had, questions, comments. etc.

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