Planet Hazard: Mapping Enviro Hazards

February 20, 2008

Planet Hazard maps toxic sites with Google Maps.

“Learn about the unknown hazards around you – the toxins you may be breathing. PlanetHazard uses information from the EPA to map over 86,000 companies throughout the United States that emit hazardous air pollutants.”

Blog Post Check

February 4, 2008

Please check that you have blog entries related to the following readings and assignments for Geography 355 complete this week.

Reading presentations: post a blog entry with your notes for the presentation. Indicate that you presented the material. If the material is on someone else’s blog, include a blog entry with a link on your blog.

1) Schuurman ch 1 & “Geography Matters” handout
2) Three GIS applications w/descriptions & links
3) Longley ch 1 & 2
4) Mitchell ch 1
5) Schuurman ch 2 & 3
6) Schuurman ch 4 & 5
7) Summary and overview of research on course project focus topic

Today (Feb 4)

8 ) Mitchell ch 2, 3, & 4

Wednesday (Feb 6)

9) Mitchell 5, 6 & 7
10) What is Environmental Justice? 500 words including 5 sources;
In particular relate to our model (Delaware PA) and course
project (and the specific topics you are researching).

Monday (Feb 18) to Monday (March 3):

Please complete a brief blog entry for each chunk of the tutorial as indicated on the course schedule.  Let me know you completed the tutorial, any problems you had, questions, comments. etc.