Previous Class Projects & Mapping Environmental Justice

“Course Projects 2000-2005”

• stimulate project ideas
• discuss: questions, comments, etc.
• discuss: project ideas

• formulate potential projects and interest groups
• groups by end of meeting today
• refine project ideas in each group next meeting (Wednesday)

Mapping Environmental Justice in Delaware County Ohio

We will use the Mapping Environmental Justice in Delaware County Pennsylvania (PDF) as a model for our course project, focusing, of course, on Delaware County Ohio.

What is missing? Not applicable? Who else (at OWU or in or around Delaware or central Ohio) to involve in project?

Mapping Environmental Justice in Delaware County Pennsyvlania: Preface

A note about the mapping process

Figure 1: Municipalities

Introduction: Environmental Justice

From Here to There: Transportation and Industrial History

Figure 2: Transportation

Natural Setting: Green Spaces and Waterways

Figure 3: Land Cover

Demographic Distributions: Income, Race, Education, Unemployment and Age

Figure 4: Income
Figure 5: Race
Figure 6: Unemployment
Figure 7: Education
Figure 8: Age

Pollution Flow: Air and Water

Figure 9: Air and Water Pollution

Current Waste Disposal Sites: Landfills and Incinerators

Figure 10: Waste

Abandoned Waste: Superfund Sites and Inactive Landfills

Figure 11: Abandoned Waste

Hot Spots: Top 15 polluters in the County

Figure 12: Top Fifteen Polluters

Conclusion: What does this mean for Delaware County?

Appendix 1: Glossary
Appendix 2: Environmental Organizations in Delaware County


• 17 students in class

• social science, environmental interests, science

• groups and interests

• ???????

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