More “What is GIS?:” Readings and Presentations

Format for presentations and readings: weeks 3-5 five groups to present readings

• we all will read and (briefly) blog materials

Presenters: about 20 minute overview of key GIS topics, concepts, applications in the chapter or chapters

• blog outline + relevant links, examples, illustrations
• add a discussion of how readings may bear on potential projects
• work out way to split up the work (division by chapter, or readings vs examples, applications)

Non-presenters: blog about 1 page summary and key issues from readings with links, questions, ideas concerning relevance to course project

• three GIS concepts / issues you think most relevant
• three ways to relate material to projects

What is GIS, in general, and how can we use it in the projects?

Groups to present readings weeks 3-5: 17 / 5 = 3 or 4 in each group

• Group 1: Schuurman 2 & 3
• Group 2: Schuurman 4 & 5
• Group 3: Mitchell 2, 3, & 4
• Group 4: Mitchell 5, 6, & 7
• Group 5: What is Environmental Justice?

• each student will blog about one page in response to this question: include links to at least three sources: Due Wed Feb 6
• presenters can incorporate this information for the following meeting

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